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Curtain Information

style pencil

Pencil Pleat (Pole or Track)

Pencil Pleat is the most popular of headings. It’s given its name, as when the heading tape cords are pulled in, the top looks like a row of neatly stacked pencils.

On the back of the tape there is a row of 3 pockets, so you can adjust the hanging height of your curtain.

This heading comes in different depths of 3″, 6″ for a more chunky look or 1″, which is perfect for caravans.

style eyelet

Eyelet (Pole Only)

Eyelet curtains are super easy to hang as you do not need any hooks or rings, they simply slide straight onto the pole.

They fall into a loose wave, so is ideal if you have a large pattern, that you want to show off.

Eyelets come in sizes of 40mm or 50mm. With a selection of eyelet colours to choose from, they can really complement the rest of your decor. See eyelet colours at the bottom of the page.

style wave

Wave (Pole or Track)

This heading creates fluid waves of fabric, making your curtains easy to style. Your curtain folds will come together tight and neatly when fully open, letting in maximum light through your window.

style tab top

Tab Top (Pole Only)

Tab Top curtains have evenly spaced loops of fabric (tabs) for the pole to go through, making them very easy to hang. This style heading creates the curtain to fall into soft folds. Each end Tab wil start 5 cm into curtain to allow for the central overlap.

style double

Pinch Pleat (Pole or Track)

Pinch pleat are the most decorative of headings. They come in either Double Or Triple pinch. The pleats are permanently sewn in for a tailored look and require pin hooks to hang. It gives a smart finish with flowing folds.

style triple
style goblet

Goblet (Pole or Track)

Like pinch pleat Goblet pleats are permanently sewn in for a formal tailored finish and require pin hooks to hang. This heading is great for making a statement.

style slot top

Slot Top (Pole Only)

Similar to Tab Top curtains, this style simply slides onto the pole with minimum effort creating a ruffled effect at the top. This heading style is good for thin fabrics or if you are using a curtain rod.

Eyelet Colours

Please note the colours Black, Cream, Gunmetal and White are not available in 50mm.