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Lining Guide

lining white ivory

White & Ivory Lining

These linings have extra density and lustre to give better protection against sunlight, giving an improved appearance and a crisper handle.

Weight – 156gsm
70% Polyester / 30% Cotton

interlining blackout thermal

Blackout Thermal Interlining

Combines the effects of blackout lining & interlining to give insulation & total protection against sunlight.

80% Polyester / 20% Cotton / Polyester Fleece

interlining lightweight

Light Weight Interlining

Perfect for adding body and stability to your curtains and blinds, without being too heavy. 

Weight – 160gsm
80% Polyester / 20% Viscose

interlining heavyweight

Heavy Weight Interlining

The thickest interlining to achieve the most insulation and body.

Weight – 280gsm
80% Cotton / 20% Viscose

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